Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Recap and Next Show

So it's been a while since the show, and I have no excuse for not posting how great things were (which they were, including the fabulous Jen Nails cupcakes, which I had four of before anyone noticed and had a chance to say, "Four! Four cupcakes! You aren't supposed to eat four cupcakes!") except that I've moved apartments (my 8th move in 6 years) and went to North Carolina for Christmas, and had break the Internet connection there in my girlfriend's parent's house because that's just the sort of thing I do when I'm in people's homes being served homemade soup--I break their Internet connections.

But enough of that.

I will post a recap of the readings soon, and in the meantime, Jen and I are in the midst of planning our next show for January 22nd at the Drama Book Shop at 7pm. Now is your chance to put it in your Treo.