Thursday, January 26, 2006

Early Info For Feb 19

The January reading was an enormous success. Standing room only for excerpts of one play, two childrens books, one disaffected paralegal, and yours truly, who has found a new sub-title for my book, "How I Made and Lost $4 Million." In addition, many muffins were eaten, as were all of the "ranger" cookies--allegedly only 3 points for 2 cookies.
However, the bear in the shopping cart, as usual, only showed up for drinks afterward at Siberia.
Feb 19 is our next reading and it promises to be as good or better. We have Douglas Martin reading from a work in progress and an excerpt of his book, Branwell: A Novel of the Bronte Brother recently published by Soft Skull Press. And there will be more...which we will let you know about as soon we find out about it.