Saturday, April 08, 2006

April 23rd Show of Helm of Ultimate Defense (+100 HP -20 DEX)

April is angry. It wants to be the month of global warming, but it's been hard getting started. April wants you to know--it's not bluffing. By the time you read this, it will be 110 degrees everyday until a week from Thursday, when it will hail small balls of turnip seeds. And you thought April was going to say "snow." Ha!

So come out of the rain of vegetable matter and see this month's Writer's Working at the Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th Street April 23rd 7:00pm, doors open at 6:45.

And if you miss this one, our next are May 28th at 7pm, and June 25th at 7pm. But why would you?

Our pecan pie favorites will be:

Dan Vitale
Jane Borden
Bill Bowers
Dave Serchuk
Jen Nails
David Silverman

Dan Vitale has, between stays at various psyche wards, and the occasional detox, managed to carve out a cult status as a shoot from the hip stand up comic, writer and actor. His TV appearances include, Saturday Live (featured player), all the cable comedy gigs and most recently, appearances on "Tough Crowd" with Colin Quinn.

Jane Borden is an editor at Time Out New York and a freelance joke writer for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. She doesn't believe in fate--but that might just be because she thinks it's listening.

Bill Bowers is an actor and mime, and has appeared On and Off Broadway, in Europe and an Amish Colony. He has coached the Israeli Olympic Ice Dancing Team, taught mime to a bunny rabbit. His play, It Goes Without Saying, will open Off Broadway this Fall at the Rattlestick Theater. It is a collection of true stories from his life as a mime. Bill is currently adapting this script into a book. Books about mimes are really popular.

Dave Serchuk is a reporter with Forbes magazine and has written for NPR, Minnesota Public Radio, Playboy, NY Post, NY Times, NY Press and Time Out NY, and is the author of “Serchuk On Sex.” His greatest career achievements include interviewing Hugh Hefner, Bill Clinton and getting recognized while buying a burrito in 1997. Dave will be reading about an ill-fated trip to Burning Man, wherein he realizes what a truly terrible idea that was.

Jen Nails (the much beloved) is originally from Las Vegas, NV. She teaches writing and performance classes at the Peoples Improv Theater ( and has written for the Oxygen Network and SELF Magazine. She will be reading from her young adult book in progress, Beside Mexico, which is based on her award winning solo play, Lylice, which she's performed at theater festivals around the world.

David Silverman as the author of the forthcoming book Typo: How I Made and Lost $4 Million tends to make the same joke about looking like every other bald Jewish guy in New York. He knows it's not funny.