Monday, April 24, 2006

May 22nd Show of Objective Correlation (My Toaster, My Ennui)

May is national apostrophe month. We celebrate this event's occurance with a show made entirely of powdered corned beef hash and eggs. Or, should the hash be past its sell by date, an entire show of awesome writers. You'll have to show up to see which one wins out. (I'm rooting for the authors so as to keep all the hash for myself.)

So be surprised, be unabashed, don't be afraid to order breakfast hash, and see this month's Writer's Working at the Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th Street May 22nd 8:30pm, doors open at 8:15.

Our pecan pie favorites will be:
Micaela Blei
Carrie Gross
Jen Nails
Peter Olson
Robert Hughes
David Silverman

Peter Olson has written and performed and read at venues including Telephone Bar, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the Irish Rep and the PIT. He serves as the coordinator for the Yankee Rep writing workshop.

Micaela Blei has been a teacher of smaller kids for 6 years. She lives in Brooklyn, in a small apartment with a really cool Murphy bed, just like a private detective. She wrote and performed a solo show for kids, "City of Islands," directed by Jen Nails, at the PIT and Tank theaters. Micaela will be doing a staged reading of her new radio show for kids, "Gerald Small: Ombudsman." She would like to thank her real family and her urban family for patience and assistance in roasting all those chickens.

Carrie Gross is a staff writer for, the webzine dedicated to New York's Upper East Sise. She is the proprietess of the Sex and the Upper East Side column/blog where she writes about dating, relationships and New York life a la Carrie Bradshaw with less expensive shoes. Previously, Carrie was the Events Director for Playboy Magazine where she produced parties across the country and gathered great stories to use in her writing. She is currently working on her first novel, which she expects to be finished any day now. Maybe.

Robert J. Hughes is the author of the novel, "Late and Soon," published last year, and is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where he covers culture and the arts. He is at work on his next novel, "Seven Sisters," a play about Dorothy Kilgallen's final days, and a story for the forthcoming collection, "Bronx Noir."

Jen Nails (the much beloved) is originally from Las Vegas, NV. She teaches writing and performance classes at the Peoples Improv Theater ( and has written for the Oxygen Network and SELF Magazine. She will be reading from her young adult book in progress, Beside Mexico, which is based on her award winning solo play, Lylice, which she's performed at theater festivals around the world.

David Silverman as the author of the forthcoming book Typo: An Entrepreneur's Education truly enjoys a good apostrophe.