Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 12, 2006 Show

March's show is mad as a hatter. And think how mad that is—putting hats on people's sweaty heads all day and saying how good they look topped with felt. Only once, in Disney World, did I go into a hat shop and get the honest appraisal after trying on everything from the fedoras to the mouse ears: "Sir, hats just don't suit you." And folks, that's a mad hatter.

So come to the Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th Street for the Writer's Reading Series, and hear some more stories of life, some true, some made up, but all much better fit for your night than a too tight chapeau. (7:00pm, doors open at 6:45.)

Our writers will be:

Sarah Long
Matt Love
Jenni Wolfson
Mark Sam Rosenthal
Jen Nails
David Silverman

Matthew Love
reads scripts for the Public Theatre, but not the ones that you've actually seen produced there. If you're a fan of recently half-finished pilots, you may have fantasized about Ghost Foot, an anime parody he's assisting with that Comedy Central paid for. He is working on a sketch show.

Jenni Wolfson grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. She's traveled all over the world, including Rwanda, Haiti, investigating human rights violations. Jenni trains UN staff for humanitarian disasters. She'll be reading from her autobiographical work-in-progress.

Mark Sam Rosenthal is a comedian who has performed all over NYC including the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the PIT. He appears in television commercials, and has portrayed folk crooner Emily Sailers on cocaine. He'll be reading from his work-in-progress about growing up in Baton Rouge, LA.

Jen Nails is originally from Las Vegas, NV. She's performed in NYC, Miami, Boston, Honolulu, Edinburgh, Victoria, Canada and others. She teaches writing and performance classes at the Peoples Improv Theater ( Jen's written for the Oxygen Network and SELF Magazine. She will be reading from her young adult book in progress, Beside Mexico, which is based on her award winning solo play, Lylice.

David Silverman has shortened his bio now that a publisher has offered to publish his book Typo: How I Made and Lost $4 Million. He will be moving on to sucking up to Oprah.