Thursday, January 26, 2006

Early Info For Feb 19

The January reading was an enormous success. Standing room only for excerpts of one play, two childrens books, one disaffected paralegal, and yours truly, who has found a new sub-title for my book, "How I Made and Lost $4 Million." In addition, many muffins were eaten, as were all of the "ranger" cookies--allegedly only 3 points for 2 cookies.
However, the bear in the shopping cart, as usual, only showed up for drinks afterward at Siberia.
Feb 19 is our next reading and it promises to be as good or better. We have Douglas Martin reading from a work in progress and an excerpt of his book, Branwell: A Novel of the Bronte Brother recently published by Soft Skull Press. And there will be more...which we will let you know about as soon we find out about it.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Jan 22nd Show Info

January's show is ready to roll on the 22nd. We've got a great line up, and, of course, free muffins. What else would you rather be doing on Sunday night? Skydiving maybe, but who has time for that? Come to the Drama Book Shop for the Writer's Reading Series. (7pm, doors open at 6:45, muffins available on first come, first serve basis, no muffin warranty implied or granted.)
Our writers are:
Hugh Ryan is a freelance writer and former social worker. His work can be found in the forthcoming anthologies Taking Root by The Sierra Club, and Where Do We Get Offf? by Window Seat Press. He also writes the Bloggorhea NYC posts for, and has performed his work in The Dixon Place Hot Festival. His story, Frozen Turkeys is the tale of many people, picked to work in a law firm - find out what happens when people stop being real, and start being being office workers.

Micaela Blei has been a teacher of smaller kids for 6 years. She lives in Brooklyn, in a small apartment with a really cool Murphy bed, just like a private detective. She wrote and performed a solo show for kids, "City of Islands," directed by Jen Nails, at the PIT Theater and the Tank Theater in 2003. Micaela will be reading from "City of Islands Redux," a children's novel for ages 8-12 based on her solo show. She would like to thank my real family and my urban family for patience and assistance in roasting all those chickens.

Wendy Giman tried to enter rehab a number of times, but was denied when discovered not to drink or use drugs. She moved on and studied Ancient Greek. But grew tired waiting to actually speak it with an Ancient. So she went to graduate school at Northwestern University. She now lives in an apartment and speaks English. Roleplay's a one act comedy inspired by Wendy's favorite psychiatric disorder, Jerusalem Syndrome, and her adoration for all things screwball (especially movies). Please note: No famous blond bombshells were endangered in the writing of this. For comments or therapy referrals, you can contact Wendy at

James Oliver Cury is the editor of Time Out New York's Eat Out section. He has been a judge at the Culinary Institute of America, the Jack Daniels World Barbecue Championship, and the Food Network's "Iron Chef" show. When he's not stuffing his face, Cury tries to make sense of pop culture. He's written about concert-flashing communities (for SPIN,) tree-houses and other love nests (for Playboy), transgender marriages (for Cosmopolitan), celebrity action-figures (for Details), Britney Spears' reaction to her own fake nude photos (for Entertainment Weekly) and the best men's rest rooms in the country (for Esquire). Cury is also the author of The Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties (Simon & Schuster, 2003). He lives in Manhattan with his wife and record collection. James will be reading an excerpt from an upcoming book about his experiences in the New York City restaurant biz.

Dorothy Cury is a graphic designer and a freelance writer. Her articles have been published in numerous magazines including Cabinet, New York Arts, Juxtapoz Art and Culture, and Time Out New York. Her work has also appeared in on websites such as and In 1999, she completed her bachelor's degree in art history from the University of California, Berkeley and in 2003 she received a master's degree in art criticism from Columbia University in New York City. Dorothy will be reading an excerpt from Speed-O-Print, one in a series of short stories she is working on that are based on her real-life experiences growing up in Las Vegas.

Jen Nails is originally from Las Vegas, NV. She's performed original solo comedy all over the world at theaters, festivals, and schools in NYC, Miami, Boston, Honolulu, Edinburgh, Victoria, Canada and others. She teaches writing and solo performance classes at the Peoples Improv Theater ( Jen's written for the Oxygen Network and currently works for SELF Magazine. Jen will be reading from her book in progress, "Beside Mexico," is a middle grade novel based on her solo play, Lylice. Special thanks to David Silverman and the Drama Bookshop, and to her favorite person in the world, Mike Gold. Thank you all for coming!

David Silverman refuses to admit when he graduated from Drew University or that he majored in Math. He has, at various times, been a deli worker, copyeditor, captain (captain!) of his high school chess team, performed as a Mexican wrestlers, and been the owner of a multimillion dollar typsetting business with 200 employees and 7 plants around the world from New York to Iowa to Manila. David will be reading from his book "Typo--The Last American Typesetter," which is about the later of those things. He also welcomes anyone who can come up with a better subtitle.