Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 26th Show: Bite Me (That Tickles)

My girlfriend once had an acting teacher who told her to "smell the smells," "hear the sounds," and, yes, "feel the feelings." I'm sorry, but that just isn't right. If you can't use parallel construction correctly, you shouldn't be speaking at all. Just bite your tongue hard and mouth the sharp pain of grammatical correctness.

But enough of that. The important thing is June's Writer's Working at the Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th Street June 26th 8:30pm! It is a fact that the doors open at 8:15.

The raven will cry five times in the night this month. Once each for:
Jane Borden
Saara Dutton
Jen Nails
Laura Buchholz
David Silverman

Jane Borden is an editor at Time Out New York. Her work has appeared on Saturday Night Live, in the New York Times Magazine and in one of those ubiquitous talking-heads shows on VH1. Jane will read a story about the limits of shame, which may or may not involve Steven Tyler.

Saara arrived in New York a few years ago with the dream of becoming a glamorous yet respected author: a weird hybrid of Jackie Collins and Philip Roth, graciously accepting Pulitzers while wearing leopard print heels. However, although her work has appeared in Salon, Bust and The New York Times, Saara spends no time accepting Pulitzers and far too much time watching Columbo reruns while wondering if it's safe to eat cheese in the fridge that is two days past the sell-by date. She plans on reading a story about being "certified" as an exotic dancer at the Penthouse Executive Club.

Laura Buchholz is a writer and editor, and one of those people whomysteriously "works from home." Which just means that she pays for her own health insurance. Laura contributes to the enduring radio show A Prairie Home Companion, and is working on some other things. She's from Wisconsin, and now lives in Park Slope.

Jen Nails (the much beloved) is originally from Las Vegas, NV. She teaches writing and performance classes at the Peoples Improv Theater (www.thepit-nyc.com) and has written for the Oxygen Network and SELF Magazine. She will be reading from her young adult book in progress, Beside Mexico, which is based on her award winning solo play, Lylice, which she's performed at theater festivals around the world.

David Silverman as the author of the forthcoming book from Softskull PressTypo: How I Made and Lost Millions has been accused of smelling too much.